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Complete guide for Private Student Loans


Education is an investment of time and effort. There is no valuable asset than education. Students are increasingly opting for Private loans as they aspire to get into their dream college.

Private student loans are a good choice if one is looking for funding their higher education all by themselves. The private loans are a wise supplement for federal loans or grants and scholarships. These are non-federal in nature and lenders of these loans could be a bank, nation 21 quick lending institutions etc.

History of Private student loans

Private student loans were increasingly popular through mid 2008. As the loan limits on the Federal loans were static.

Private loans saw a dip in the volume during 2008-09 owing to the increased limit on Federal loans. During 2007-10, Private student loans experienced an annual volume of 25%-30% whereas the Federal loans remained at 8%. Based on the current trend market experts predict that the Private loan volumes may hit an all-time high by 2030.

When should you consider Private student loans?

 When it comes to funding for his or her higher education, we advise all the students to make an informed decision.  Some of the instances when you may think of a Private student loan are:

  • After exploring all the funding sources such as Federal loans, Grants and scholarships.
  • To cover the additional higher education fee.
  • In case of low GPA scores wherein the Federal aid fails to support.

Make an informed decision

Students often face lot of challenges when they decide to take a step further to fund their studies. It is always advised to choose carefully, as there are many lenders in the market today. So, how should a student choose his or her lender and loan schemes?

  • Look for the total cost, ease of the whole process and a good customer service and guidance desk.
  • Do not hesitate to explore various Private loan schemes to determine the opt scheme for your needs. Well researched information can save you from wrong decisions.
  • Discuss with your school or college authorities about your researched lender list. Consider their perspective. Your college or school may also offer a listing of selected lender.
  • Most of the Private student loans may require a co-signer; hence speak to your potential co-signer or family about the repayment options.
  • Choose your school or college carefully before applying for a loan. You can reduce the loan amount if the college fees are lower.
  • Analyze your chosen Post-Grad programmed and its earnings potential. Chart out the repayment options based on the job market and employment opportunities.

Who can qualify for a Private student loan?

  • Students with better Credit Scores often get best interest rates and approval rates.
  • Most of the lenders require a co-signer.
  • Student and his or her co-signer must be a U.S citizen or a permanent resident of U.S.
  • The student or Co-signer must meet the age requirements set by his or her state of residence.

Private student loans can sound complicated but it can help you to realize your dreams of getting into the desired college or to procure a degree of your choice. Many students have successfully repaid the loan amount after finishing their Grad schools while finding a suitable well paying job.

An informed and well-researched decision can help you to get ahead in life both personally and professionally. As you read this, you may be considering applying for a Private loan, to make things easier for you; here is a list of benefits that one can get by private loans:

Advantages of Private student loans

  1. Students need not to despair if they have utilized all the available funding options. They can still realize their dream of higher education through Private loans.
  2. Students with below average GPA scores (2.0) cannot avail Federal loans. They can get help in pursuing their higher education by Private loans.
  3. The Private loan can also supplement your financial aid scheme and costs.
  4. Students need not to fill FAFSA to qualify for a Private loan.
  5. Private loans are not sanctioned on the basis of any financial need such as Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans or Federal Grants.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits the students can also enjoy:

  • Different interest rates (Fixed or variable): One can select the appropriate type of interest rate based on their repayment plans and convenience.
  • Repayment schemes: Students can choose the repayment plan that suits them. This feature allows you to plan your finances accordingly thereby decreasing unwanted stress, missed or delayed repayments and late fees.
  • There are many schemes and lenders in the market: Students have an option of choosing the lender and loan schemes as per their requirement. Today many borrowers are increasingly becoming aware of the various benefits and schemes offered by numerous lending institutions. When a borrower chooses an appropriate scheme, he can plan the repayment better.
  • Sans fee: There are many lending institutions that offer loans without any fees.
  • Credit Scores: When the borrower and co-signer have good Credit scores, they can expect better and competitive interest rates and approval rates.
  • Co-signer: One need not to worry about co-signers as many lenders offer “co-signer release” option if the applicants meet their criteria. This can take the burden off the co-signers.
  • Review and compare: Students can choose from numerous lenders. Students can always review and compare the lenders in the market. There are many options to choose from.
  • Prepayment penalties: There are lenders who do not charge prepayment penalties. This can take some financial burden off the students.
  • Tax deductions: Some of the Private student loan interest rates are tax deductable; this can reduce some money on the every repayment thereby reducing the money cringe.
  • Interest rate discounts: Many lenders offer discounts on interest rates when the borrower meets their requirements.
  • Refinance: Students can refinance his or her student loan at a later date or in the future avec a consolidation loan. Multiple loans are converted to a single amount loan for the convenience of the borrower.
  • Low interest rates: When a student can borrow more money and has more repaying abilities he or she can avail Private loans with low interest rates.
  • Forbearance: Students who qualify lender’s requirements can avail forbearance option.

Students can also benefit from Private Student Loans in other ways too:

  1. It can increase your awareness about finance while you are slogging to get your degree. Awareness leads to wise decisions.
  2. Repaying a student loan is a big responsibility, in order to avoid any lapses in the repayment one need to be committed to clear off the debts. Loans can make a person responsible in financial matters.
  3. Applying for a Private loan requires students to assess their chosen Post grad programme, and college/school. This can provide an insight and a better perspective about their professional goals.
  4. Due to the Private student loans, one can complete his or her higher education without any external assistance or dependency. Students take the whole responsibility of repaying their loans based on their earning potential, this can be liberating and empowering for many students. As they can choose their preferred education programme.

Federal vs. Private Loans


Federal loans are funded by the Government, and they offer low interest rates to the students. To avail federal loans students are required to fill FAFSA also Americans Are Ill-Prepared for Retirement. There are benefits for students who file bankruptcy or who work in public domains. However Federal loans cannot cover high amounts. These loans also do not support students with low GPA scores. Private loans on the other hand are advised to be considered only after exhausting all the available resources. If the student has repayment abilities then he or she can enjoy high loan amount.    

How can you repay the debt effectively?

Students can follow some easy tips to repay their loan amounts effectively.

  • Consider frugal living – Misusing loan amount to pay for a holiday or cloths can land students in trouble. Students must plan to allocate their loan amount appropriately.
  • Part-time jobs- Students can find small paying jobs or part time jobs to ease their economic situation. They can also speed up their job hunting process soon after graduation.
  • Reduce stress and take it easy- Students can often stress themselves about huge debts and interest rates but they should remember that loans are not going to last longer. When he or she finds a suitable job, the debt will be reduced considerably.
  • Supplementary jobs- When a student gets a low paying job after graduation he or she can supplement their income by landing a weekend gig or a freelance job to reduce their financial strain.

Private student loans can help the students to invest in their future and reap the benefits. Once they exhaust all the available financial sources, they can turn to Private student loans to realise their higher education goals. The private loans are varied and can be chosen according to one’s repayment ability and income. Students can choose from many lending institutions with various benefits and interest rates.